Friday, February 10, 2006

Thoughts on Recent Global Islamic Uprising

Here is an up-to-date report on this round of Islamic destruction so far. I don't know what else to call it - perhaps Islamics globally are suffering from a severe case of "headlights-on-deer" delayed response, didn't the cartoons originally get published back in September? If I didn't know better I'd think that Islamics just sit around for a reason to go out and burn things. First it was the Danish embassies, then the embassies of other European Countries who also printed the cartoons, then the EU offices, and now they are firebombing anything Western. I watched a documentary a few nights ago that discussed the reason why young educated Arab men would join the ranks of Al Qaeda - in short, most Arab men are quite secular until they leave home for school abroad (mostly in Europe). While they are home sick they naturally find havens of rest within the local Muslim community . . . where they are exposed to and brainwashed with extreme, fundamentalist teachings . . . actually this was according to an interview with the sister of a "suspected" terrorist operative. Anyhow, as the Western world is quite prejudice towards Islamics (especially post 9-11), apparently Islamics are quite prejudice towards Westerners (gee, who would have known?). In the view of the Islamics interviewed, Western powers exist to destroy and terrorize Islamics . . . and with that thought, this will never end. Then again, why don't we ever read in the headlines about some great Imam or even Bin Laden himself strapped to a bomb committing an act of Jihad - Islamic hypocrisy? Perhaps the Islamic power mongers aren't as stupid as we think.

On another note, conservative evangelical heavyweight John Piper weighs in on the controversy with an un-politically correct apologetics article entitled, "Being Mocked: The Essence of Christ's Work, Not Muhammad's."


Nothing new here, more firebombs, more violent protests, more reasons to burn. On the media front though, the Iranians have come up with a creative idea to vent their frustrations - a "Holocaust Cartoon" contest! Apparently in yet another move to improve their political standing in the global community, Iran will officially integrate their "Anti-Holocaust" (or the "Holocaust, what Holocaust?" position) into their media. Why is it that when an extremist Islamic group takes power stupid things just happen? No, I mean REALLY stupid things happen? Just wait and see with Hamas, I told you so. Don't get me wrong, this is not another pro "Islamaphobia" position I'm ranting. It's more of an "Extremist Islamophobia." If you notice the "about us" section of the previous link there is interesting language used in describing Islamophobia:

"Islamophobia, as a racist tool of Western Imperialism, is strongly advocated by the political right but has also found an echo in the left, particularly sections of the left in France and the countries that make up the United Kingdom."

Yes, the racist ideology of Western Imperialism . . . hmmm, I wonder how racially multicultural and ideologically tolerant the Taliban or the Iranian regime is nowadays? And if France and the UK are so Islamophobic, why do we keep finding terror suspects in their countries?

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