Monday, October 02, 2006

Man Shot 68 Times Dead

Apparently, Anglio Freeland, became a "cop killer" (also "cop dog killer") suspect the moment he bolted after he was pullled over. After 500 officiers scoured the woods looking for him, plus 24 hours of manhunt, 9 officiers of the SWAT team pumped 110 rounds of lead at him - 68 of which were hits. That's a 61% hit/miss percentage for those keeping score at home - almost as bad as a drive by shooting (but that's another conversation). Food for thought, what caused these officiers to "cease fire"? Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd responded with this "I suspect the only reason 110 rounds was all that was fired was that's all the ammunition they had . . . we were not going to take any chance of him shooting back."

Let's do some math here, 110 rounds divided by 9 cops = 12.22 shells/cop. Assuming they might be using the Glock 22 (.40 caliber sidearm of choice by America's finest), there is actually a 15 round mag capacity. So, come on guys, you didn't really squeeze the trigger hard enough! Where'd the 25 extra rounds go? Or perhaps they were all carrying HK MP5 A4's which would totally cut that number down, since the sub-machine gun has a carrying capacity option of 15 or 30 rounds for your clip! If we went with the 30 round clips, we are still sitting with 160 rounds or so in our chambers. C'mon Judd, was that all the ammo they had?

Note to all "would be cop killing suspects" - cops take care of their own, even if you might not be guilty. Shoot first, ask questions later - by the way that was meant for the cops.

Click here for the Fox News article.

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