Friday, March 30, 2007

Thoughts from the Overflow Bin

Got to get these out before the brotherman forgets!

Actual quote from my cousin who visited us when we first moved to Surrey last year:

She visited us on a sunny Saturday morning. "Yeah, I just saw K-Fed walk across the street at 10:00 AM with his 24 pack of Budweiser . . . welcome to Surrey."

Now for the listening audience. I will admit it . . . I love beer. Not your Coors Light or Trick-a-fob or not even your Stud-visor varieties. I love the local brew-meisters who get it down on the money - the micros . . . "know wha' I'm sayin'?" Anyhow, I've tallied up a list of my favorites so far . . . yes I am deeply infatuated with the pale ale persuasion (and yes they are mostly Canuckian and listed in order of preference) :

Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale (the grandpappy of pale ale's and also unbelievably Canuckian)
Granville Island's English Bay Pale Ale
Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar Pale Irish Ale (Oregonian, props to the motherland!)
Okanagan Spring's Brewery Extra Special Pale Ale (now owned by Sleeman's which is in turn owned by some foreign company); their 1516 Bavarian Lager gets props too
Moosehead Pale Ale (but I must say I "heart" their all malt lager)
Sleeman's Amber, Cream, Honey Brown, Silver Creek (a class of their own, I love 'em all - I am a Sleeman's Man)
Big Rock Brewery's Grasshopper (wheat ale with a wedge of lemon), Warthog (gots to give props to Cow-town)
Whistler Brewing Co. Classic Pale Ale (will admit that this is the lowest rating on my list thus far)

Currently fridgecasting on the I-Pack:

Cooper's Brewery Sparkling Ale (a Southern Australian crew)
Kamloops Brewery Original Pale Ale (same guys who brew the Whistler brand)

And during the summer months I prefer Strongbow with the occasional Corona (stay close to my Cali surf roots). Completely off topic would be my red wine of choice: Henry of Pelham's Boco Noir (2004 wasn't all that bad) - killer on the ribeye boyee! Boy am I ever glad I got that off my shoulders . . . phew!

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