Thursday, March 13, 2008

"I am Republican!"

And guess what? Brothers got my supports ~ subports ~ sub-worts! Ahem, yes, I am well aware that pastors ought not to be political ~ "we can change, yes we can." Peace. Honestly, I like him solely becuase he is black . . . not because he is not qualified, nor because of his differing values and theological convictions . . . I just like him because he's a brother. Is that really fair?

Postscript: Another video was made by & company . . . "we are the ones" ~ google this video and you'll find an incredibly wide spectrum of opposing responses.

The last president who spoke like this was JFK ~ charismatic, a master "wordsmith". I wanna see where Obama takes us (think "Obamanation"). Unfortunately, someone who would rather speak and open "more" dialogue with the likes of Iran and North Korea might end up bringing it down to the line. I think that's what happen when JFK "talked" to the Soviets . . . we had nukes parked offshore from Florida. Yeah I know, that was a different time . . . but it sure feels the same today. Am I the only one who recognizes that liberalism flourishes in the industrialized nations? How then would the Obama negotiate with the fundamentalist regimes of N. Korea and Iran . . . with his liberal rhetoric? Supporting Obama is like supporting the slow death of our nation . . . "go ahead wit'cho selves."

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