Friday, July 11, 2008

Obama ~ Jackson

I am so frustrated with this whack, try-hard, political b@$#&%$t! Okay, as an Asian Christian man trying to understand what the Rev. Jesse Jackson is trying to pull . . . now first of all, if he belonged to any Christian denomination of repute, he would have already lost his title "Rev." He also recieved his M.Div back in 2000 after years of putting it off - I wonder, what the hell did he learn in seminary? Come on already, has everyone already forgotten Karin Stanford, the former Rainbow/PUSH Coalition staffer who had an affair with the Rev. Jackson - the result of which was a daughter?

Let me get this straight Rev. - do you really think that Obama is speaking down to black people? Or do you think that he's speaking down to you? Or are you just so overwhelmed with guilt and depravity that you cannot even own up and "man up" to you own vices? Is this transference of denial in the form of anger projected upon another man? Perhaps, a good man (Obama) who actually cares about making good solid moral decisions and choices as a black man. Perhaps, because Obama experienced life without a Daddy - a young black man who grew up fatherless, raised by his white grandmother, only to end up as a strong black man deeply rooted in his faith (a black liberation theology kind - unfortunately, not the biblical Jesus kind).

I appreciate how the NY Times quoted the Rev. "In a statement, Mr. Jackson said, 'My appeal was for the moral content of his message to not only deal with the personal and moral responsibility of black males, but to deal with the collective moral responsibility of government and the public policy which would be a corrective action for the lack of good choices that often led to their irresponsibility.'" Click here for the NY Times post. Yes, it's "Mister" rather than "Rev" - thank you NY Times. Also, note how Mr. Jackson would like to further perpetuate the racist power structure by giving the responsibility back over to government and public policy VERSUS "young black males just need to 'man up'!" (paraphrase from Obama speech).

Why is it, that when a good black man, who (so far, up to this point . . . we'll see) makes good choices, makes a successful run at a race that no other black man has ever succeeded at, gets this close . . . brother just don't got no support from the higher ups. Is this what "black-on-black crime" looks like in the upper echelon? I am so sick of this, it's like a throwback to the East versus West Coast crap back in the day (ala. Biggie Smalls & Tupac). Can't we all just get along?

Jesse, please retire, go home, find another job in another line of work, you embarrassing your peoples. Find another job and support that extra-marital affair daughter of yours . . . get yours and get some child support sent to Cali. Quit hating and perpetuating fatherlessness. Please, just be a good black man (whatever that may mean nowadays).

Fortunately, the son is wiser than the father.

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