Monday, August 18, 2008

What is required in a presidential candidate?

"We can change, yes, we can change" ~ crazy words of inspiration. But, is the character of a candidate revealed in their policy-making? Or lack thereof? Are we so commercialized as to believe that candidates have no "personal voice" of their own? Are they so "spun" that they are just the byproduct of the US Democratic Market-criven political machine? Today, we've got two candidates who are either consistently liberal OR consistently "inconsistent". One candidate is awe-inspiring, youthful and hopeful - but underneath, questionable values when looking at their political record. The other candidate is experienced, has tenure & the temper to go with it, but not someone I would trust to teach Sunday school to my kids (and in all fairness, the younger guy with his idealistic views probably wouldn't qualify as a teacher either). What is required nowadays in a presidential candidate? Does it matter whether or not a guy can hold done a marriage and really prove his toughness (which apparently can break even the hardness former Vietnam POW; the former POW returned to a loving wife who survived a life-threatening car wreck that left her "less than" perfect)? What about adulterous tendencies? Do we care about things like that? Do we sell out and choose the lesser of two evils? Does it really matter that a potential leader of a global superpower care about the right of a woman to abort a child growing within her womb? Or for that matter, care about the rights of unborn children?

I'm sorry Obama, "we can change, yes we can change" (McCain, you too) - the only changing that we must experience is sanctification.

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