Monday, October 20, 2008

Jim Wallis' "Abortion Reduction" Plank

Is a "plank" the same as a "platform"? Or is it a less sturdy version of the latter? Whatever it may be, left-winger Jim Wallis is suggesting that this ought to be apart of Obama's plank to the Democratic platform. Alright, Tony Campolo, Sojourning Wallis, B-Mac (from "A New Kind of Tension" fame) . . . you boys bet the farm on protecting Darfur - which has been witness to genocide and atrocities. Okay, I'm trekking with you this far. But when it comes to abortions . . . "reduction"? Two words - "what the?" According to the CDC, there are an average of 850,000 "legal abortions" carried out each year. To be consistent and beyond reproach would we then suggest a UN "genocide reduction"? What the freak? At one point in time, it seemed quite nice that Brian Mclaren was suggesting a "middle ground" between the liberal fundamentalists and the conservative fundamentalists (yes, I believe they are both "fundies"). But come on B-Mac, you just sold out Costco size to the "leftys" - where's the middle in that? It is equally ridiculous to suggest a "genocide reduction" as it would be to suggest a "abortion reduction" ~ if you are still wondering, I do not believe the "rape victim's" baby is required to pay the penalty of death for the rapist's sins. I firmly believe that Jesus died on the cross for that. Yes we all have a choice . . . "to follow me, pick up the cross and deny yourself" . . . Jesus chose to die for us.

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