Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My music has slipped . . . and faded . . .

Here's Theo Chou, "pal-o-mine" from the early 90's ~ we played together back in the day. He has since graduated from Berklee and moved onto better things . . . like session work in Taiwan (c'mon, who goes there?).

Notice Theo's white Strat Yamagishi custom ~ I believe so. Back in the day, Jimi was Yoda to all the aspiring musicians . . . all the SoCal Asian Christian pop bands, how I dread the memories. But then, God did some hard love hooking me up with my crew. "Thank you Lord for love and fellowship, guitar strings that sing out to you . . ." (ala AACF Terasaki fame).

Some of my peeps who can stir me to motion ~ local BC/Ottawa flav:

Stephen Toon or here
Vania Levans or here

Post-script note - props to Yoda Yamagishi, "Nippon Hendrix Axe Grill Marinade Master." For a lighter shade of LA, check out my "dai low's" tunes here.

For the record, I still prefer Paul Reed Smith (electric) and Taylor (acoustic) guitars . . . I really can't stand anything else but the Kurzweil PC-2X (weighted 88 key with B-3 options) . . . I just can't get away from the Ibanez Soundgear look and feel (2 MK1's and that light ash or mahogany bod) . . . and some day I will enjoy either the Mesa Dual Rectifiers or that psycho Bogner amp with the 11 setting. "Some day" when I learn to play.

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