Friday, October 01, 2010

Tolerance in the Pacific NW

As a visible minority, constantly assaulted with liberal banter and verbiage, the reality of our global village is settling in . . . with a vengeance. Despite all the "freedom of speech" rhetoric from the far left, it [free thinking] doesn't really matter when the rubber meets the road. Liberalism thrives in the western world while it is abhorred in most third world countries. Why is that? In its truest state liberalism is hostile and opposed to custom, tradition and convention. So when you pit a liberal against the rest of the world (with all of its culture and values), you have a world that hates North America (and every other western nation).

Case and point. A Seattle cartoonist recently felt that the creators of South Park "sold out" for not airing an episode that had sacreligious caricature of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. So the young woman took it upon herself to excercise her "rights" to draw the Prophet and make it a community event (North American style). What resulted was sweet irony ~ here is the article from the NY Times. Molly Norris, as she was previously known as, has since disappeared and found a new identity - all thanks to the FBI and probably other Federal agencies. You see, Miss Norris' ideas went viral . . . all the way back to Yemen . . . not too long after which a fatwa was issued for her death. She has since gone off the grid and nowhere to be found - thanks to the FBI. Bye bye to hot yoga, carmel lattes, organic cafes and the like. You may think you are excercising your right to political and artistic freedom . . . others may think you are attempting to murder their god and genocide their culture.

Yes, the US is a democratic nation. Yes, they have the right to sovereign rule and government. Yes, blah, blah, blah. That's not the issue. The real issue is whether or not cultural relativism and postmodern thought is legit and valid. Because, if so, all their prophets will eventually die by the sword of a jihadist. BUT if every thought and opionion carries equal weight and deserves a listen, Hitler and Saddam Hussein don't seem all that bad after all.

If you say that you accept everyone, but cannot . . . don't say because you don't mean it. Somehow, I think that the majority of the visible minority living in North America understand this situation a little differently than the white folk. Then again, didn't this already happen back in 2005 somewhere in Denmark?

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