Monday, January 03, 2011

What to do when you got the right man for the job? Fire one of the other two men.

The left of Left political party otherwise known as the BC New Democrats [Party] is in a bit of a pickle. Apparently, in their overly idealistic world (aka. party constitution), the top three party spots must represent gender equality. I don't know how that "really" works . . . currently, the "honorable leader" is a woman and the other two spots are "manned" by men (president & treasurer). How does one determine equality with an odd number such as "3"? Or is the unspoken rule that the "leader" actually holds 2 votes and is somehow of more power and influence. In recent weeks, the current "dear leader" Carole James received the boot for no longer qualifying as this "supreme leader" . . . now if the current front runner for the leadership of the NDP just so happens to be a man. Too bad for their senior leadership, in order to get the "right man" for the job the NDP will need to drop either one or two of the other men.

For the NDP, it is more important to have the right man or woman in leadership versus finding the right person. Too bad for them. Maybe they should've planned this more carefully.

Read the article from CBC News below . . . so silly . . .

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