Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moralism & the Canucks

Everything spilled over for the best stew of godless behavior last night immediately following the end of the final period of game 7 of the Stanley Game playoffs. Whether it was a good idea to mix families and drunken deadbeat single men should probably be reviewed by the likes of the City of Vancouver and CBC ("fan zone"). Every other city on the planet has experiences like this. For the Euro-Latin soccer fans, they know if they riot they WILL pay with pain and police-inflicted impunity. I was hoping to see VPD crack some heads (they're probably worried about the socialist anti-cop groups following them around). However for both residents of Vancouver and the surrounding boroughs (who support the team both financially and via social media), who exactly showed up to do damage to the city? Where were they from, which demographic did they fit, when did they arrive to burn Vancouver? Repeatedly throughout last evening's broadcast, I found myself hearing the quips of amoralistic and moralistic banter being driven by blatant images and acts of immorality and severe stupidity. Even the mayor of Vancouver was able to note that "the acts of violence were being committed by a small group of young men." For a city which prides itself in being amoral and inclusive, it seems that Vancouver does have a moral compass after all. The obvious evidence of 15 years worth of culture-induced hatred towards godly ideals regarding manhood and womanhood were clearly being displayed last night. Nothing just came out of nowhere. The groups of opportunistic, indifferent, voyeuristic, curiosity-driven, irresponsible punks who ran around downtown were raised on the likes of lousy television, goofy movies, celebrity moronic behavior and a wholesale all-around insulated privileged upbringing resulting from the hard work of their parents and a liberal government trying to fight tradition for the sake of progress and innovation. Clearly, everyone ought to agree that sometimes old school is just not that bad. This most recent riot is quite revealing in that it tells of mankind's inability to save itself in and of itself. This town needs Jesus, even the well-wishing, good intentioned radio call-in folk . . . this town need some godly parenting to spank, beat up, knock out, then trash their loser sons to the curb when they stumbled home at 7:00AM this morning smelling like beer, smoke and tear gas.

On a side note, even for the innocent passerby (who should have but did not leave downtown for 5 hours) or the seemingly helpless Iphone video-ing person, grab all the fools and dump them off in Syria for a government sponsored session on corporal punishment. Better yet, drop them off in Pakistan for some awareness training in maintaining the image of the country in which you currently receive welfare from.

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