Monday, April 21, 2014

What's with style?

The past decade has seen this mushroomed infatuation with style and the appearance of "worship forms."  Dude, what's up the style?  Pastors with Nazi-youth hairdos and skinny jeans? (think Bronski Beat meets 80s skinhead with a wad of facial hair)  Say what?  Is this another over-reaction by the consumer-driven evangelical establishment of "herd mentality," Barna-dependent clergy?  I can't wait till this hipster thing blows over and folks enter rehab for silly tattoos they got "in the name of Jesus."

Bob Kauflin offers some insight regarding "style" ~ "what you win people with is what you generally win them to."  You are not Keller and you certainly don't want to be Driscoll, please stop the madness.  How sad would it be if the gospel was frozen in the 80s . . . and all your worship leaders dressed like Stryper?  Drop the act and be yourself . . . especially if the hipster within you is unwilling to release you from captivity.

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