Saturday, August 05, 2006

Who will disarm Hezbollah?

Here's an interesting look into the situation in Lebannon currently. Time magazine posted an article discussing the actual existing military framework left in Lebannon. Here's one stat for thought:

Military Budgets

Lebannon: $542 million
Israel: $8 billion or $8,000 million

Just crunch some numbers here, a unarmed F-16 back in 1998 was going for $18.8 million a piece. Back in 1998, Lebannon could have purchased around 28 fighters (not including hardware and salaries for the pilots). Israel on the other hand, would be able to purchase roughly 200 F-16s (fully loaded with air-to-air missiles, salaries for pilots and support crews, maintenence costs, etc.) - they would still have change left over for tanks. They actually only ordered 107 back in 1997 (the F-16I at $45 million per), click here for the info. The F-16I's got delivered back in 2003, their range enables them to hit targets deep as Libya and Iran.

Click here for the Time mag article.

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