Friday, August 04, 2006

Mel Gibson & the L.A. County Sheriffs

For those of you in the know, skip this. For those of you still wondering what happened, check it out here. Plenty of people pissed off and doing more damage than Mel did while drunk - note to self, DON'T GET DRUNK! Aside from the fact that the Bible has much to say regarding drunkenness . . . and also much knowledge gained from watching your typical Friday night party . . . late night philosophy while tanked makes for some interesting reactions.

The part that got me was the L.A. County Sheriff's "Sarge" busting out the video camera to tape the incident. Perhaps to cover his butt in case Uncle Mel freaks a "Lethal Weapon" psychotic, smackdown fest? No, I think not. When was the last time any L.A. County Sheriff busted out a video camera (in addition to the one in the squad car) just to "capture" special moments with their suspect? Come on already! L.A. County Sheriff's call their buddies and do a Rodney King when nobody is watching! As if 1 L.A. County Sheriff deputy could not handle Mel Gibson . . . "uh oh, I think I need to call for back up." This is L.A. for crying out loud - the land where the "5-0" lays the smackdown for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Gimme a break! I'm surprised the deputy didn't call in his L.A.P.D. buddies to join him in a break dance - break every bone and do the "Humpty-hump" all over him! The deputy should be arrested for giving the Sheriff's a bad name - plus, the "Sarge" probably made some good $$$ from his "youtube" of Melly Mel.

Dude should've "Mad Max'ed" . . . too bad for the drunken remarks . . . anti-semitic (or racial slurs about Chinese for that matter) remarks during a drunken rampage isn't all that bad . . . he could've killed someone while driving.

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