Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life Imitating Television

Okay, especially with recent events (shootings at Virginia Tech), the thoughts regarding "how much does media impact and influence?" begin to swirl. On a lighter note, I found this article light-heartedly comparing a disgruntled wife with the dark televsion series "Desperate Housewives." This woman put dog poo in her now divorced ex-husband's curry, check out the article here.

P.S. Is it just me or does Cho Seung-Hui fit the profile of the majority of the guys in your typical North American Asian local church, evangelical college/career group? The same type that attends church but somehow does not fit in with the more culturally savvy and popish "Asian Invasions" at Intervarsity, Crusade or AACF? And to put more pain on shame, Cho's own grand-aunt calls him an "idiot" on international media! Food for thought: how do we meet the needs of the "socially-challenged" & "socially-marginalized" Asian-americans in our midst? How can we biblically deal with Asian shame? Somehow, after reading the Cho family press release, I felt that the sorrow, pain, and shame expressed by Cho's sister was exponentially greater than if a non-Asian wrote the statement. Why is that?

God, have mercy and grace on the Cho family . . . have mercy and grace on the families of the fallen of Virginia Tech . . . have mercy and grace on all of us.

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