Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Dawn of a New Age

"Divided we stand, united we fall." The privilege of living in a democratic capitalist society is that liberalism thrives . . . alongside with conservatism (those who are not in the industrialized elite tend to be autocratic, totalitarian, or authoritarian). Tonight was memorable, the first African-American man to be elected president ~ one who repeatedly stated that race was not an issue . . . but then again every other liberal American media outlet is quoting the now infamous "Booker T." invite to the White House. C'mon, would America cared if Obama was a white man? If some young, liberal, urban, social activist, white politician from Chicago with the same credentials ran . . . I don't think anything would have happened. Just to remind us of his stunning credentials of color, Obama (in probably the "dryest" Obama-cliched speech I've ever heard from him up to date) just had to tell the story about Ann Nixon Cooper. Yes, let's not play the race card now. It's one thing to attack the establishment and an entirely different thing to be the establishment. I pray that "president elect" Barack Hussein Obama will consider doing some McLaren-esque "deep shifting" soon . . . because contrary to what the TVoid is telling us, the country has not made some definitive statement on their choice for Congress or President tonight . . . the country is deeply divided.

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