Saturday, November 08, 2008

The "Historical Drift" Has Begun

Within my denomination (the C&MA), one of our past Canadian presidents - Dr. Arnold Cook - wrote an interesting book entitled "Historical Drift." Needless to say, the book addresses the issue of losing the anchors of biblical doctrine and the results of the shift that occur in the aftermath. Though Dr. Cook had a prophetic word to share, I believe that "drift" has already begun. Here are perhaps a few (bright men to say the least) who may be a sign of the things to come:

David Fitch (pastor/author, "The Great Giveaway" book endorsed by Brian McLaren)
Skye Jethani (pastor/author, "The Divine Commodity" book also endorsed by Brian McLaren)
David Collins (third culture kid turned social concern advocate)
William Young (C&MA dropout turned pomo fiction author, "The Shack" book endorsed by Bart Campolo)

Does "social concern" or the "social gospel" really stand on par with the proclamation of the gospel? Does Christocentric belong in the metaphor/allegorical category or perhaps the type/example category? Is any of this a throwback to liberal theology? Is the C&MA a "friend of emergent" or a "friend of missional" or maybe just "friend of sinners"? Obviously can't be the last one since "pyromaniacs" are freaking Calvinists - prevenient grace won't be out boxed by saving grace in the C&MA. I wonder if anytime soon there will be a need to start a "confessing movement" within the C&MA?

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