Saturday, May 21, 2011

Home, home on the range . . .

During the safety briefing, the Range Officer looks over at me and my companion "so uh, anyone here ever shoot a gun before?" As I looked around, I knew 2 in the party were newbs . . . so I raised my hand. With a somewhat puzzled look, the RO carefully studied me to read whether or not I was telling the truth. "Yeah sure . . . you a cop? Is this a safety check on our facility?" After confirming his insecurities with another party who also thought he was correct the RO continued with his firearms safety demo with a smile "just in case, I will be extra thorough in my demo this afternoon."

Aside from admiring the Steyr .50 BMG (single shot, no mag - that would be the M1) sitting in the showroom, it was a great afternoon date with a great pair: a Glock 17 and a "Die Hard" Beretta 92FS. Checked out the new Roni pistol/carbine conversion for the Glock 17 (and 23) as well, click here for a great video review, go here for the Roni in action. Inventive and clever system for close quarters combat; not to mention $$$ saver.

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