Thursday, May 05, 2011

What's wrong with a little harmless idealism?

Since the world just received news of Bin Laden's untimely death ~ and witnessed the idealist response of an idealistic presidential administration. It is poetic and providentially-enriching to reflect upon the principles that caused the world's most wanted man to deviate from orthodoxy.

According to Eric Marrapodi's evaluation, Bin Laden was just another religious, idealistic, radical liberal in his own right. In his editorial entitled, "Bin Laden's Theology a Radical Break with traditional Islam" Marrapodi suggests that the core of what Bin Laden taught or ranted about was NOT Islamic orthodoxy - in fact, according to this CNN Blog Co-Editor, he was a down right, old fashion apostate. Bin Laden was just another liberal who fulfilled his liberal mandate of utopian pipe dreams and fantasy. Another guy who stepped away from orthodoxy and made his beliefs the law.

Apparently, when one no longer abides by their team's Holy Writ, and for example - adds spice with external sources and "good ideas" - they can potentially fall away from their team's perspective of truth and become just another infidel. In my circles we call this the inerrancy debate - substituting the advanced human brain for the infinite wisdom of a Holy God. Ironic? Think Emergent, Classical Liberalism & Radical Extremism. Try nailing jello to the wall for more luck. No accountability, no tracks to run on, no real dialogue and definately no acceptance. Not much different from each other.

Oh and by the way, did anyone else note the tab that this guy cost us? $2.5 trillion according to CNN. Yes, let's allow the idealists to shoot their mouths off now because our present inaction will increase in value when they bomb and shoot us later . . . and go on to destroy our economy of community and orthodoxy. Yes, let's respond to the "do gooders" with more useless idealistic stupidity . . . and hope that as we embrace the rhythms of contemplative spirituality something like a rainbow will pop out of some donkey's . . .

Osama said he would bring down capitalism while others have said they would bring down the North American evangelical movement. Similar principals? Oh yeah, you bet your momma's car on that! Everything starts somewhere . . . everything will come to an end . . . everything has a cost . . . everything draws us close to God or away. To choose to do nothing is a choice in itself.

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