Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why is there denominationalism?

Gary Thomas, in his book "Sacred Pathways," offers one response to this question "Why is there denominationalism?"

"Instead of learning from others, Christians have often chosen to segregate themselves by starting a new church whenever worship preferences diverge.  This segregation has erected denominational walls and impoverished many Christians.  Unless you happen to be born into just the right tradition, you're brought up to feed on somebody else's diet.  Unfortunately, some Christians have a tendency to question the legitimacy of any experience that may not particularly interest them.  Instead of saying, 'That's not for me,' they proclaim, "That shouldn't be for anybody.'"

The context of Thomas' point is that different people have different spiritual temperaments (ala Meyers Brigg) hence different people will experience God differently.  He also writes that "It would be simplistic to suggest that such differences were the sole or even primary cause of many church splits and denominations, but they did have some effect."  Interesting . . . interesting . . .

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