Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Good Cheap Eats #1

I thought I would punch out a few Good Cheap eats that Carolyn and I have "dived" at:

Gray's Papaya 2090 Broadway & 72nd Street (NYC, NY) - just a few blocks from my sister's apartment, they had tasty fruit juices (pina coladas, pineapple, papaya, orange, coconut) and okay hot dogs (Costco dogs are hands down on $ and taste), but then again who can beat a 75 cent hot dog?

Nathan's Famous 705 8th Avenue between 44th & 45th Street (NYC, NY) - we hit this joint right before seeing Mel Brooke's "The Producers." Killer dogs - but perhaps the chili masked the flavor. I also had either a super cheese or a bacon cheese burger - since we were with my siblings and their spouses, I think I tried the best of the menu. Especially liked the condiments, grilled onions soaked in some kind of bbq-tomato based sauce.

El Toro Meat Market 142 North B Street (San Mateo, CA) - both Carolyn and I are avid burrito connoisseurs. Four words for you: Carne Asada & Pollo Asado. Opps 1 more to go with that: horchata! We LOVE this place. It's a market with a taqueria in it - you wouldn't even know. B Street in San Mateo is like "Burrito Alley" - taqueria's everywhere!

Duffins Donuts 4898 Main at 33rd & Main (Vancouver, BC) - yeah they say Donuts, but it's all about their TORTAS! You normally get to choose which fillings you want with your burrito or taco, but when you want that with a sandwich - you got a TORTA! Down the street from Andrew & Julia's, we hit this joint by accident on our trip back to Calgary. It's just a few blocks from their house - how could I have missed a treasure as such! We always make a pilgrimage each time we are in town.

Submarine Center 820 Ulloa St at West Portal (San Francisco, CA) - the best baked sandwiches I have ever had! Whatever you want - roast beef, corned beef, whatever. The original Italian baked sandwich shop SF Style! One bite and you get it all - no tearing or pieces of meat being dragged out of your mouth, the baking is superb and each bite is clean.

Billy Goat Tavern and Grill O'Hare Int'l Airpot Terminal 1 (Chicago, IL) - the BEST rib eye steak sandwich I've ever had. Kick in a Corona and you are talking the high life. Nice bits of rib eye steak with evenly sliced onion - oh so heavenly. We even had the 2 kids with us. Carolyn had the Philly Cheese Steak (yeah, I know in Chicago) - nevertheless, it was grrreat! Don't forget to grab a slice of Eli's cheesecake - it's cheaper if you get it from Chicago Hot Dogs or Vienna's.

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