Monday, December 19, 2005

Mad Skillz for X'mas Parking at Chinook

Alright, I'm already late for a meeting with someone at Chinook Centre. I pull into a gridlock of X'mas shoppers. I've got this 15 minute theory that if I orbit long enough, I should be able to find "prime time" - any space close to wherever I'm headed. Today, I am in a rush, so I just head to the back of the lot - parallel to MacLeod Trail. Fortunately for me, court vision kicks in and I spot a lady cutting through the rows heading towards "the spot". I fast break! Once I get there, she steps into this PHAT Denali. I got my signals on, take a breather, this should be a cinch. But then I notice, not all my angles are covered - as she backs out, there are other cars that don't see me. Wassup, I got there first! Do I wait for her to back out OR do I drive for the "lay up"? I got drivers in the line waiting to score on me. HA! She's bigger, think SHAQ, she backs up sets the pick, I read the "D" and squeezed in for the deuce! Boom-shock-alaka! It's all about the "D" - 'nuff said! *Note to self: next time must give props for assist.

Peace out.

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