Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"meanwhile back at the ranch"

The last time I posted was in 2002 - needless to say, I deleted the blog. I'm hoping on this pass that I'll track my thoughts and journey via "blogger."

I just finished 4 weeks of a 6 week preaching stint at Calgary Chinese Evangelical Free Church. I picked up a series I did a few years back "Spiritual Viruses" (originally created by Ken Baugh while he was still at McLean Bible Church). This time around, I pieced together powerpoint and graphics in hopes of enhancing the series. I ripped apart the original material and "re-aligned" everything to reflect my state and condition. It was a good experience - I am thankful. This past Sunday, I talked about "rest" - the concept of Sabbath (Day, Year, Year of Jubilee) and its implications (for humankind and creation). We exist in a culture that consumes more than it needs, how can rest resonate with followers of Christ?

The peace of Christ be with you.

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