Thursday, January 05, 2006

Comments from a Campus Crusade Staffer

I think I've mentioned too much already - but here it goes. I was on the phone with a friend whom I haven't spoken to in some time. He is a recent graduate from a particular school out east currently Campus Crusading in the region. Anyhow, the part of the conversation that caught my interest was when he said, "dude, postmodernism is bunk [or bogus - I just caught the underlying message]." After that he went on a Brian McLaren rampage [boy I loved playing King Kong in that game - bam, bam, bam]. What was interesting about this conversation was the fact that I was speaking to a 20-something from the east coast, who worked with other 20-somethings, who was completely turned off and seemingly pissed off about the "emerging church" and company. As far as I know, participants of the emergent conversation represent a broad spectrum of theological backgrounds - ranging from conservative to liberal . . . right to left . . . mainline to evangelical. The distinctive that makes this group [from the list of authors from the link: a Bible Church guy, 2 Baptists, a Presbyterian, a former SoCal mega-church evangelical, a non-denominational, and a 3rd generation Baptist pastor] unique is its willingness to agree to disagree . . . rather than demonize and chastise . . . a willingness to engage in dialogue and acceptance rather than division and segregation . . . and still maintaining their individual theological convictions and values . . . taking the narrow road is meant to be hard [takes less work to play Rampage] .

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