Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It is done.

The election is over. Thanks to the networks everywhere, we too have useful visuals to assist us in understanding "who won what?" and "where did they win it?" It is interesting that "deep blue" represents the Conservatives while "Loyalist red" represents the Liberals. Somehow the NDP's got stuck with "bland orange" while the Bloc got their "Nordiques blue" (the NHL team formerly known as the Nordiques now known as the Avalanche and also a lighter shade of blue). After seeing the final results, I will never understand why Vancouver votes the way it does . . . I don't think the people who live there even understand. CBC has worked hard to give us great informative and visual coverage of the Federal election, click here. In the coming weeks, will Albertans be referred to as a "blue province"? It is done . . . at least for another 18 months.

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