Sunday, July 16, 2006

Invites to Join the Big Boys

Okay, if we invite one group, we need to invite them all. That's how the Taliban did it. If Hezbollah gets to join the government, let them all join as well - such as Hamas. It would seem that Israel doesn't mind contributing millions of dollars to Palestine just to blow up some of "their" buildings. I never thought I'd see the day when terroists sell out and join some government - assimilate into the system. If anything, I feel sorry for the Lebanese people - they are the only government in the region that allows for both Islamics and Christians to serve in public office together. Every other place you go to (except for Israel) you might just get shot running for office if you are a non-Islamic. So Hezbollah comes in with a seed group of soldiers from Iran, give them 2 decades or so, now they are a political party. Think of the NDP, but deadlier, with a mission to establish a militant Islamic state here in British Columbia - one that smells just like Iran. Crazy thoughts, eh?

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