Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm Trying Hard to Like the Old White Guy

Okay, we have this old white guy preaching at our church once a month-ish. I can stand the Salvation-Army-prohibition-on-alcohol-shoved-down-my-throat, I can stand the old school high value and usage of the KJV (as though these were God's own spoke words), I can even stand the old school expectations that hymns are somehow more "acceptable to God" than praise songs. I say that I can stand - I don't agree but I can stand. What I can't stand are the blatantly "white"-centric remarks that begin each sermon. "I was born in New Westminster, when I was young it was known as BRITISH Columbia (total spoken volume emphasis on 'British') Blah, blah, blah, blah . . . it's so good to see that Chinese now know the Lord." That's where I lose it. Yeah, we Chinese used to swing on trees until you white folk saved us and taught us how to be civilized. Arrogant, self-centered . . . I don't need some old white guy who thinks he is more spiritual than me preach that he's better than me - expressed indirectly through his wrinkled "white"-centric tendencies. Funny thing is that the guy is involved with teaching ESL - perhaps I just can't stand him because he is "the Old White Guy." If I could only find a baseball bat with the words "post-colonial" written on them - I'd lay the smackdown on this bad boy.

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