Saturday, July 15, 2006

Re: Being Special & Aimlessly Wandering

Had an interesting conversation with a fellow this morning. Hooked up late in the morning at the neighborhood Tim Horton's to do a meet-n-greet customary for new pastors integrating into a new community. Anyhow, everything about this conversation revolved around one thing - nothing deep or philosophical, just the same ole' plain thing . . . "I know what I should do but I'm just lazy." Yep, that's the whole conversation - all 3 hours worth. There is a ton of stuff that any of us could probably stuff into our melons for whatever it is worth, but if you are just lazy . . . does it even matter? So I sat across from the fellow thinking weird thoughts . . . such as, "gotta grow up already" or "that's life buddy" or "just do something man, anything would do." Anyhow, we somehow got on the topic of architecture . . . sure enough, the discussion found its way to the phrase "form and function." If memory serves me correctly, the actual phrase is "form follows function." The fellow across from me adamantly added ". . . AND meaning." Whoosh, like a speeding bullet - what the?

"And meaning?" I responded by saying "if you have form and function, doesn't meaning just emerge?" Aside from the fact that I questioned whether or not the lazy mind would even thoughtfully consider meaning . . . I can already hear it, "putter-putter-spew-spew-cough-cough" (sound of mental engine stalling and seizing). I don't remember ever hearing a response. I didn't think that it was time to engage in the finer points of existentialism. Then again, being lazy could be similar to the sense of alienation experienced as a result of being unique in the indifferent "crowd" or "others."

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