Friday, June 26, 2009

Gender Wars

Does the Bible have anything to say about gender or gender roles? I thought Genesis 2 was sufficient - man and woman, man created as incomplete and in need of help; equal nature and likeness but distinct in gender roles (man is neither more/pig or less/spineless).

One recent argument I read pits the doctrine of the trinity against itself: a hierarchial view of the trinity VERSUS a mutuality view of the trinity. On top of this would be the less than sola scriptura hermeneutic which presupposes certain 1st century Palestianian household codes (as found in Ephesians 5, Colossians 3 and 1 Peter 2) were used to structure family businesses for maximum profitability. Hence, lateral movement of such principles would violate biblical principles - family as business? Also, to superimpose such principles would simple reflect the fallen nature of humanity; hence, egalitarianism.

I know, I'm the dumb guy . . . here it goes. God is the Father - the Son refers to Him as such and relates to Dad as such (hierarchy?). Nowhere in the Bible do I see a conspiracy theory where the Holy Spirit takes lead in the Trinity either . . . that I know of. Aside from the fact that the Son is okay with the knowledge of certain events known exclusively only by the Father. Just as a note, I am not a subordinationist (members of the trinity are less than one another in nature and essence - this heresy would suggest that God is the nose tackle, Jesus is the linebacker, the Holy Spirit is the free safety ~ in terms of power structure) . . . I hold to what Millard Erikson describes as "economic subordination" ~ one godhead existing eternally in three persons, all three persons (hypostasis) of the trinity are equal in substance (ousia) but distinguished by their roles (economic).

As far as the family household code/family business protocol . . . yikes. Husbands are to be the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. Isn't Paul just reflecting on the headship as taught in Genesis 2? Is that analogy a business model? Is Jesus the CEO/CFO of the "biz"? What the freak? So Paul's take on wives and husbands, children and parents, slaves and masters . . . not unpacking a certain power structure that needs to be maintained in order for harmony to occur? I'm seriously confused. If anything, this is a good example of prima scriptura . . . starting point is something in addition to the bible, not just the bible itself. A different kind of fidelity - faithfulness to the bible . . . kinda . . . and a bunch of smart dudes with degrees . . . and views that can only be afforded by a western nation that finances it's institutions towards neo-radical liberalism. I think.

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