Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John Piper's Panel Quotes

Some great insight and wisdom from Pastor John Piper's response to Stephen Um's question "How do you apply/emphasize a word-based ministry in your local church besides merely preaching?" (ala The Gospel Coalition 2009 Conference).

"[speaking to preachers] lead by teaching . . . I'm breaking my back not to be the authority in this church . . . get your nose in this book [the Bible] . . . don't hover over text [e.g. drawing attention constantly to yourself, your stories, your authority, your analysis, your insight, your psychology, etc.], land in the text."

The authority of God is found and established in God's word . . . nothing else (e.g. narrative, current events, stupid jokes, blather, etc.) . . . hence, the primacy of God's Word - sola Scriptura.

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