Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation

Was listening to talk radio on the AM yesterday and came across an interesting conversation. Apparently, employers are increasingly adding to their arsenal of vetting potential workers the simple use of Googling a persons's name. Everything from the most recent blog entries, facebook photos and "hate" mail pops up using the mega search engine. Newsweek even featured an article on "Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation" which outlines how one can retake one's online identity. So it goes multiple directions: twittering enables employer's to track one's productivity, blogging and a facebook status can enable employer's to track one's satisfaction and "team capacity", flickr enables employer's to become the moral police sifting for people "who don't fit the company profile." Not to mention, if someone really hates you they can always hijack your online reputation and "go to work" on you with the text-based hating (or for that matter, create a fake identity which drags you all over cyberspace in shame) . . . Which then naturally begs the other question "How Does One Hide From the Internet?"

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