Monday, April 26, 2010

"No, Mr. President" - John Piper's Response to Obama

When the sovereignty of God is diminished and the ability of humanity is elevated, one finds themselves amidst the ghosts of the Enlightenment. The prophets of which foretold the great deception that "humanity would kill the idea of God." Are we truly that autonomous, with such potential waiting to unleash, able in and of ourselves? Rights and privileges . . . do we, at a cosmic level, deserve or dare demand the divine right of choice apart from a Holy God? Right to choose, whatever the choice - sexual orientation, sexual deviation, life, death, war, peace, God, Satan - is humanity morally able to do such a thing apart from God's grace? Scripture reminds us that dead men are dead, they are slaves to darkness. IF dead people make choices, THEN all that follow is certain to be void of life and light.

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