Monday, April 12, 2010

What is the Greatest Theological Challenge facing the Next Generation of Pastors?

This was a post on Resurgence of which both Dr. R.C. Sproul & Dr. Michael Horton responded to. Horton's response resonated with me - his thoughts regarding the emerging theological challenges for modern pastors. Historic orthodoxy, for example, in particular the doctrine of the Trinity is being challenged and replace with (evangelicals in favor of) on one hand unitarinism and on another hand a social tritheism.

Horton goes on to unpack why this is the case in revealing that the Christology of many modern evangelicals is biblically deficient and frankly heretical [my add & emphasis].

"Christology is the next frontier for tinkering . . . if Jesus Christ leads us by His moral example - that's how he saves us . . . then what you really need is a tool kit not a Redeemer . . . then there is absolutely no reason for God to descend to us in the flesh to save us . . . If we can save ourselves OR If there is not need to save ourselves from God's righteous, just wrath . . . then there is no need for Jesus to be divine, no need for Jesus to absorb the judgement meant for us."

If there is no need for a divine Jesus then these moralistic, fake, socialists-in- pastor's-clothing should pack up and go home. Not to say that we throw out the baby with the bath water. Yes, I firmly believe that social justice is important to Jesus. But when someone throws out the divinity of Christ for the humanity of Christ - "I follow the moral example of Jesus . . . to the detriment of the divinity of Jesus" . . . that's not Jesus anymore (can we say "both ands" here?). God, sanctify us in this pastoral endeavor . . . not to be moralistic, therapeutic demonics . . . but faithful followers of the Way.

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